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Pirbright Day Nursery


Welcome to Pirbright Day Nursery...


"Ofsted inspected March 2012 and rated as Outstanding!"



Class of 2011!


Welcome to Pirbright Day Nursery which is owned by Sara & Neil Dudman, and managed by Kate Williams. We are an OFSTED registered Nursery and offer flexible nursery care and education for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years, providing full time childcare for 51 weeks a year. 


We are a small privately owed day nursery located within Pirbright Village School. We have a great staff to child ratio's which results in quality education and care. We take care and pride in your child, we want the best for them.....If your child is happy and content at Nursery - so will you be.


Pirbright Day Nursery is based within Pirbright Village Primary School, which is easily accessible from Woking, Brookwood, Guildford and Aldershot, just off the A324.


The Nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and offers free flow play with a wide range of free choice and group activities. We encourage enthusiasm, good manners, independence and consideration for others. Each child and their family is allocated a key person to support them through the settling in period and continued time at the nursery. The key person will build a reassuring relationship with the child and provide a secure base from which the child can explore and grow.



Benefits of Nursery Education.

  • Nurseries provide continuity and stability for your child. Nurseries don’t become ill, go on holiday or hand in their notice.
  • The nursery environment complements, rather than replaces your role as a parent.
  • Interacting with a group in the early years helps with the development of language skills and develops children’s social skills. They learn to be aware of each other’s needs, to share and to make friends.
  • Many studies suggest that there are long term benefits to nursery education; that children do better in terms of social development and educational achievement, and in the acquisition of reading, writing and numerical skills.


Our Special Relationship with Parents


We encourage a great deal of participation by parents in nursery life. We are always keen to discuss the development of your child, to respond to your concerns or simply to share the details of your child’s day. We hold two parents evenings a year providing opportunities for parents to speak directly with the key person to discuss their child's development.


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