Indications That You Should Visit A Walk-In Clinic About A Bug Bite Or Sting

Usually, a bug bite is a minor injury that can heal up on its own without much attention or treatment. However, some bug bites cause extreme discomfort. If a bug bite is causing so much irritation that it is distracting you from everyday tasks, you might want to visit a walk-in clinic for treatment. 

The following are some bug bite symptoms that can be treated at a walk-in clinic

Burning or intense itching

Itching typically occurs at a bite site because mosquitoes and other bugs that feed on blood will inject an anticoagulant when they bite. This anticoagulant triggers an allergic reaction that causes itching and irritation.

At home, you can apply hydrocortisone cream to alleviate itching. If you come in to a walk-in clinic to have a bite or sting treated, you may be prescribed a stronger and more effective topical steroid if necessary. 

Swelling at the bite site

The site of a bug bite will begin to swell as the body produces histamine in response to any foreign contaminant that a bug bite injects into the body. Swelling can be treated by applying ice to the bite site or by taking anti-histamines that will mitigate the body's allergic response to the bite. 


When an insect bites, it sometimes injects numbing saliva into the bite to prevent the victim from noticing the bite initially. Numbness often precedes intense itching in cases of bug bites. 

A rash or hives

Another allergic response the body can have to a bug bite or sting is the development of an itchy rash or hives.

While a severe rash that develops rapidly after the bite or sting could be an indication that you should visit an emergency room, a mild rash can be treated with hydrocortisone cream. If hives develop, they can be treated with an anti-histamine like diphenhydramine. 

Knowing when to visit the emergency room

While most bug bites and stings exhibit mild symptoms that will quickly clear up, some symptoms indicate that patients should go to the emergency room immediately and that a walk-in clinic will not be sufficient to provide treatment.

Symptoms that indicate that you should go to an emergency room include difficulty breathing, swelling in the face and/or mouth, a rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting, and headache. You should also visit the emergency room if you notice a circular rash developing around the bite or you begin to develop a fever along with a rash. Call a local clinic to learn more.